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I’ve been so excited (and spoiled) that some have tried out my tutorial. I had to show off the tags they made.

Marianne made this stunning Halloween themed tag:


Sandra made this adorable fairy tag:


Dalova made me this gorgeous Christmas themed tag:



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Any resemblance of this tutorial to any other tutorials is coincidental.
Do not copy and paste this tutorial anywhere on the net. Do not distribute the supplies.
Please direct others to this page if you wish to share the tutorial.
Scripting this tutorial is strictly forbidden.
Translating this tutorial and posting it to your own blog or site is forbidden.

Materials Needed:

  • Scrap Kit: I used Tonya’s Gothic Dream Mini Kit by Monti Scraps available at CDO.
  • Tube of choice: I used Anna Marine Individual Tube 7-2 also from CDO. Do not use this tube without having a valid license to do so.
  • Circular Mask of Choice. I used Moonbeams and Spiderwebs Mask 85. Which you can download from her website here.
  • Eye Candy 4000 – Gradient Glow.

Before we start, lets make sure you’re somewhat familiar with my tagging process. I use both PhotoShop (7 & CS3) and PaintShop Pro (X6 & X8) in creating tags. Because of this my process is a bit unique and any text is done at the end in PS usually; this is due to that when any blending is done in PS then moved to PSP it will rasterize the text layer.

This tutorial was written by Heidi (Liadan) on August 29, 2016. The tutorial was written with the assumption that you have a fairly decent (moderate) knowledge of Photoshop and Basic knowledge of Paintshop Pro. I will only use PSP for Masking in this tutorial.

When using the Free Transform Tool I always use the Maintain Aspect Ratio setting unless otherwise noted.

Aspect Ratio

*This tutorial will be moved to another site. When this is done this page will link to the tutorial. Please feel free to share this link for the tutorial as it will always be accessible.

This tutorial is the result of a CT tag for Monti’s Scraps

Remember to save your work often.

First open your paper of choice from your kit in Paintshop Pro.

Apply your mask by going to Layer – Load/Save Mask – Load Mask from Disc.

Use the settings Fit to Canvas, Hide all Mask and Source Luminance as shown in the image below. Invert your transparency if your mask is white on the outside where the mask in the image shows black.2

Save the file as the name you wish to give your tag. I used AMTonyasGothicDream.

Close the file in PaintShop Pro and open it in PhotoShop.

You can close PSP if you wish at this point.

Select your first element from the kit. This needs to be a vertical thin element like a ribbon, branch or string. For this element I used the curled ribbon with charms hanging from it.

Place it on the left side of the tag appearing to hang at off the curved side of the masked layer about halfway down the curve. Use the free transform tool to resize your element so that it ends before the bottom curve of the mask.

Add a drop shadow to your element. The settings I used for my drop shadow are shown below.


Copy your layer style as you will paste this on each subsequent layer.

Open your second element. This needs to be an element that is taller than it is wide such as a building, vertical leaf, item of clothing etc. You do want this element to have some substance to it, unlike the ribbon/branch used earlier. For this element I used the castle element.

Place this on the left so that you can see your first element. Use the free transform tool (ctrl + T) to resize the element. You want this element to take up about 60% of the height of your tag, and raise above the top of your mask layer.

Paste your drop shadow to this layer.

Open your third vertical element. This element needs to be similar to the second that it has some substance in both height & width but be taller than it is wide. For this element I chose the dress.

Place this element on the right side of the tag. Use the free transform tool to size the element to the size you desire. This element will be about 50% of the mask in height, and not go above or below the mask’s top or bottom.

Paste your drop shadow to this layer.

Select another tall thin element. This will be another ribbon, branch or string. For this element I selected the two ribbons on the clasp.

Use the Free Transform tool to resize and place this element so it appears to hang on the curve of the circle closer to the top of the circle on the right.

Paste your drop shadow to this layer.

This is what I have so far.


Now open your tube, and place it in the image. Use the Free Transform tool to resize your tube so that it is situated as you wish in the tag.

Add your drop shadow to this layer with the paste layer style.

This is what I have so far.


Note copyright will be added later but is shown in tutorial at this point.

Now select a frame element. Use the free transform tool to resize and place your frame.  I recommend a frame with a cluster already on it, if you don’t have a cluster you will need to add a cluster to your frame on the bottom right.

Add your drop shadow to the frame element. Select your tube layer.

Using the magic wand tool


select the outside area of your tube.


Right click and select inverse.


Delete the frame at the top over the tube then deselect using the select menu, and delete the left part of the frame and the bottom of the fame up to your cluster.

Note the images above already show the frame deleted.

Now create a cluster for the left side of your tag. I used 3 elements, the heart with bat wings, the graffiti and the barbed wire heart to do this in my tag. Add your drop shadow to all layers in your cluster, and position to fill in the hole at the bottom left of the tag.

Tip: You can select all layers of your cluster once created and use the free transform tool to resize the layers together into your gap.


Using Image – Image size resize your image to 400 x 400.

Now it’s time to add your copyright information.

I use FFF Galaxy for my font.  8 point with none for anti-aliasing mode.

Rasterize your layer by right clicking the layer.

Save your work.

Under Filters go to Eye Candy 4000. Select Gradient Glow…

Under Basic use the settings

Glow Width 0.04
Soft Corners % 16
Overall Opacity % 100
Check Draw Only Outside Selection

Under Color select a color that complements your tag but allows the text to be read easily.


Save your work again.

Now add your name. Place in a location you like on your tag.

I used the font Aaargh in 48 point normal smooth anti-aliased mode.

The color I used was complementary to my tag.


Then paste your layer style to the name for the drop shadow.

Add a Stroke and outer glow using the following settings.

10Outer Glow


Save your tag because you’re now done.


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