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***Joint CT for Ishika Chowdhury & Melanie Bliss***
Tube Amelia: http://bit.ly/2bruWDM
Kit: http://bit.ly/2b71QyT

The tube has several layers with colored dresses and the kit is so much fun to work with.

snc-ishi-amelia bd_ameliapv


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Any resemblance of this tutorial to any other tutorials is coincidental.
Do not copy and paste this tutorial anywhere on the net. Do not distribute the supplies.
Please direct others to this page if you wish to share the tutorial.
Scripting this tutorial is strictly forbidden.
Translating this tutorial and posting it to your own blog or site is forbidden.

Materials Needed:

Before we start, lets make sure you’re somewhat familiar with my tagging process. I use both PhotoShop (7 & CS3) and PaintShop Pro (X6 & X8) in creating tags. Because of this my process is a bit unique and any text is done at the end in PS usually; this is due to that when any blending is done in PS then moved to PSP it will rasterize the text layer.

This tutorial was written by Heidi (Liadan) on August 31, 2016. The tutorial was written with the assumption that you have a fairly decent (moderate) knowledge of Photoshop and Basic knowledge of Paintshop Pro. I will only use PSP for Masking in this tutorial.

When using the Free Transform Tool I always use the Maintain Aspect Ratio setting unless otherwise noted.

Aspect Ratio

*This tutorial will be moved to another site. When this is done this page will link to the tutorial. Please feel free to share this link for the tutorial as it will always be accessible.

This tutorial is the result of a CT tag for Ishika Chowdhury.

Start by opening 2 papers from your kit in PaintShop Pro. One you want to be colored and one paper you want to be gray tone. Put the colored paper as layer 1 and your gray tone paper as layer 2.

Go to Layer – Load/Save Mask – Load Mask from disc.

Apply the same mask to both layers.

Save your image as a .psd file and exit PaintShop Pro.

Open your image in Photoshop.

Select your gray tone masked layer and choose a blend mode. For my first tag I used Hue and the second tag I used Darken. Pick the blend mode you feel works best for your tag.

Open a frame or window element from your kit.

Open the blending options by right clicking on your layer and add a drop shadow to your frame. Once you are happy with your drop shadow right click on your layer and select copy layer style.

Place the frame/window element on the left or right of your image.  Use additional elements to create embellishment around your frame/window. Place your drop shadow on each layer by right clicking and selecting Paste Layer Style.

Now add any additional elements to your image to balance the image leaving a space in the middle of the tag for your tube.

Add your drop shadow to each layer you add by right clicking the layer and selecting Paste Layer Style.

Open your tube and add it to your image.

Add your drop shadow to the tube layer.

Crop your tube as needed.

Now we need to make a cluster to finish off the tag.

Open a new 1000 x 1000 image.

Open a branch element from your kit

Add your drop shadow to your branch in the new image.


Open a ribbon element and place it over your branch element. Use the Free Transform Tool under Edit to resize and position the ribbon so that it runs across the branch the same general direction the branch does, and extending on both sides of the branch (left and right).

Add your drop shadow to your ribbon element.


Open a charm/flower/graffiti element.

Use the Free Transform tool to resize your element and place it towards the bottom middle of your branch so that the charm extends below your branch element.

Apply your drop shadow to your charm element.


Open a flower element. Use the free transform tool to place this flower to the top left of your cluster. Add your drop shadow. This flower needs to be approximately the same size of smaller than the charm.


Right click on your flower layer and duplicate the layer.


Use the Move tool to move this layer to the bottom of the cluster so that it overlays the charm and extends to the right of the charm. Your drop shadow will already be applied to the layer since we duplicated the previous layer.


Open another flower element. Using the free transform tool place the new flower over the top left flower, so that it is at the bottom of the flower but there is a gap between the flowers and charm in the center of your cluster.

Add your drop shadow to this layer. This flower should be a medium size flower in the cluster.


Open a last flower element. Using the Free Transform tool place this flower into the gap left in the cluster between the two small flowers. Paste your layer style to this element.


Your cluster is now complete.

Select the first layer of the cluster and hold shift and click the top layer of your cluster.

Drag the layers into your main image. Use the Group Layers function under the Layers menu to group your cluster.

Use Edit – Free Transform to resize and place your cluster either on the left or right bottom of your frame/window element.

Go to Image – Image size and resize your image to 400 X 400.

Save your image.

Add your copyright to the tag and right click the layer. Rasterize the layer.

Go to Filter – Eye Candy 4000.

Select Gradient Glow.

Add your gradient to your copyright. The settings I use are in the image below.


Now select a font for your name and put your name on your tag.

In the blending options add a drop shadow and outer glow to your liking.

Save your work as a .png and you’re ready to share your new tag!


I’d love to see your results with my tutorial.

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✿.•✿ CT for Ishika Chowdhury ✿•.✿

I used the gorgeous sunkissed Oliva tube that can be purchased from Render Art World, Digi Diva’s and Mystical Scraps. Click on any image below to be directed to the site for purchase.


Mystical Scraps


Digi Divas


Render Art World

Olivia has 9 colored layers, and is very versatile in how she can be used.


I also used the matching kit by Kizzed by Kelz. The elements and papers in this kit are amazing. Being able to bring my imagination to life with this kit was super easy. It’s a fun beach kit and goes with the tube extremely well.

Tag 1: ICOliviaNoName created using the No Name Tutorial by Vix

Tag 1: ICOliviaNoName created using the No Name Tutorial by Vix



Tag 2: ICOlivia. No tutorial used.

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✿.•✿ CT for Ishika Chowdhury ✿•.✿

I used the stunning Scarlet tube from the Scraps & Company store. She has 6 color layers for both her dress and flower (optional) and 2 hair colors. She’s a stunning tube to work with, and the combinations are endless.

You can purchase the tube here.

LiadanICScarletColorShore LiadanICScarlet

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✿.•✿ CT for Ishika Chowdhury ✿•.✿
I used the gorgeous Zoe tube available at Scraps & Co
Zoe comes with 7 gorgeous layers, and is extremely versatile.
She also has 2 gorgeous matching kits.
For this tag I used Zoe’s 4th of July Kit by Kizzled by Kelz Kits. This kit has 132 elements & papers and is great for any patriotic themed tag.
For my second tag I used Zoe’s Summer Kit by Blissful Designs. This kit has 83 elements and 9 papers. It’s like taking a trip to the beach and a lot of fun to work with.

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✿.•✿ CT for Ishika Chowdhury ✿•.✿

Valentina Rose
I am using the gorgeous Valentina Rose tube from Digi Diva & Mystical Scraps shops. She has 6 layers and the matching kit is full of gorgeous elements.
The tube can be purchased at:
Digi Divias
Mystical Scraps


Created using the Starlight Tutorial by Just Fi


Created using the Blue tutorial by Just Fi


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